We here at Noob Force never discriminate people for who they are and also which language they speak. In order to maintain a welcome environment when playing against us, It's necessary to understand the language in which we all, and most others speak...We bring you noobs the dictionary of common internet speech. We like to call it the language of the dumba$$es (excluding us of course) who are to lazy to write a few extra letters. This was made so you dumbasses can understand us and then when you ask what we are talking about, we can make fun of you. Enjoy.

GTFO = Get The F*** Out

G2GTFO = Got To Get The F*** Out

NT = Nice Try

AFK = Away From Keyboard (or occasionally A Free Kill)

STFU (also STHU) = Shut The F*** Up (Shut The Hell Up)

STFUYI = Shut The F*** Up You Idiot

IRL = In Real Life

ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing

LMAO (also LMFAO) = Laughing My A$$ Off (Laughing My F***ing A$$ Off)

ROFLMAO = Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A$$ Off

WTF (also WTH) = What The F*** (What The Hell)

LMFB = Lick My F***ing Balls

STP = Stone Temple Pilots (also Standard Temperature and Pressure)

GTG (also G2G) = Got To Go

BRB = Be Right Back

BBL = Be Back Later


SFV = San Fernando Valley

TTYL = Talk To You Later

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

OMG (also OMFG) = Oh My God (Oh My F***ing God)

FTFB = Feal The Funk Blast

GG = Good Game

FT = Fish Taco (or F*** That)

DARE = Drug Abuse Resistance Education

TY = Thank You

NS = Nice Shot

KS = Doesn't Exist

YW = You're Welcome

GL = Good Luck

IYWTLPGTC = If You Want To Learn Physics, Go To Caltech

CYA = See Yah

D = V/T

GJ = Good Job

OIC = Oh I See

HF = Have Fun

BLT = Bacon Lettuce Tomatoe

JK (also, JJ, JP) = Just Kidding (Just Joking, Just Playing)

JFK = Just F***ing Kidding (or John F. Kennedy)

RATM = Rage Against The Machine

SIG FIG = Significant Figures

BS = BullSh** (also Back Side)

56k = Lag

FU = F*** You

LAF = Laugh

ASL = Age/Sex/Location

GF = Girl Friend (also Good Fight)

BF = Boy Friend

AIANOM? = Animal Is A Name Of Me?

GC = Game Cube (also Good Charlotte)

XBox = Paperweight

BFD = Big F***ing Deal

PPL = People

AYMFDWTS = Are You Mother F***ing Down With The Sickness

NM = Nevermind

IKMC = I Know My Calculus

US = You Plus Me

NP = No Problem

RPG = Role Playing Game (also Rocket Propelled Grenade)

OBO = Or Best Offer

W/E = Whatever

AZN = Asian

HW = Homework

ILY = I Love You

BB = Bye Bye

DDR = Dance Dance Revolution

FFR = Flash Flash Revolution

SOB = Son Of a B****

BBIAB = Be Back In A Bit

BFN = Bye For Now

DB = David Brown (or Dragon Ball)

BBQ = Barbeque

DBBBQ = David Brown Barbeque

Pro = Professional

AK = To Spray

JonPon = Jon Pontrello

Jarks = Jon Parks

CD = Compact Disk

DVD = Digital Video Disk

PC = Personal Computer

Mac = Macintosh

MD = Minidisc

USAPATRIOT Act = Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept and Obstuct Terrorism Act

TWAT = The War Against Terror

VCR = Video Cassette Recorder

RTF = Rich Text Format

AOL = America Online

AIM = America Online Instant Messenger

OC = Orange County

GB = Gunbound

BO = Body Odor

POV = Point Of View

POW = Prisoner Of War

MIA = Missing In Action

KIA = Killed In Action

Y2K = Y2Khai (also Year 2000)

H2 = Hummer 2 (not Halo 2)

JK2 = Jedi Knight 2 (Jedi Outcast)

HL2 = Half Life 2

HL = Half Life

EQ = Everquest (also Equipment)

PK = Player Kill

TK = Team Kill

FF = Friendly Fire

DFA = Death From Above

PCC = Peoples Choice Countdown

MS = Miss (or very occasionally Microsoft)

D&D = Dungeons And Dragons

D2 = Diablo 2

R&R = Rest And Relaxation

Min = Minute

GBF = Gay Black Female

187 = Murder Death Kill

NGASTWAI = Nick Got A Speeding Ticket What An Idiot

WASLWORTH = Welcome To Waslworth

BUFU = Butt F*** (also By Us F*** You)

FS = Foley Special (also Front Side)

DS = Doggy Style

D4 = Four Sided Die

D6 = Six Sided Die

D8 = Eight Sided Die

D10 = Ten Sided Die

D12 = Twelve Sided Die

D20 = Twenty Sided Die

HUD = Heads Up Display

PP = Party Please (also a childish term for Penis)

TP = Toilet Paper (also Town Portal)

DK = Donkey Kong (also Double Kill)

SMB = Super Mario Brothers

AWP = Mulch

N4 = Noob Force (4ce)